Friday, February 06, 2015

what I want

I never gonna be what I wanted to be.
because now, 
what I do is way far than what I passionate
and there is no turning back
I can't just say that 
I hate study Public Administration
I hate study the government
I hate study the theory
I hate dealing with people
I hate being here
I hate the fact that I'm not going to be what I want to be

seeing other's posting their pictures putting that white jacket
my heart is falling

I love study the scientific terms
I love study the our body
I love to study the blood

might be some day in future..
where I'm so giving up study the government,
I going to give up everything,
what ever i achieved
the diploma.

and go to something I passionate
even with a small salary

at least I got that smile
the smile that I'm gonna tell myself that..
you made it!

at least I'm happy on what I do

what I actually wanted to be


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